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The program won't start with the error message:
"Can't find the main class"
whats wrong?


  Assumably your using the wrong java version. SigmaAT needs javaVM 1.5.0 to be installed and in the path.
I'm using Linux and the won't work.   Try pasting the command from the file into your shell.

The dependent library
cg*.dll /cg*.so
is not found, what can I do?


  The CG runtime comes with SigmaAT. So copy all libraries begnning with cg into youre path.

I get a "OutOfMemoryException": java heap space. What can I do?



Try running SigmaAT whith the java runtime argument
java -Xss1024k -XX:+AggressiveHeap
this forces a stack size of 1024k and faster memory allocation.


My framerate is low even in idle.


Try disabling the vertical sync of your graphics adapter. With nVidia it on per default.


My skins won't change



In the download release only a few skins are included and under Linux the Windows themes don't work anyway.


The CgFX Shaders don't load.



If you own a ATI card, wait for them to write suitable opengl drivers otherwise update your driver.


How can I set the active camera?



Use the "Loaded" handler and put
where camera_name is e.g. sender.Camera01


How can I load a new scene resource?





How can I get a scene resource as a variable?



local object scene = getRoot().preLoad(<scene_file>);


How can I play a sound resource?



Get a sound object and call <sound>.play();

local object sound = getRoot().getSound(<sound_file>);;

How do I output some variable?



Use outln(<variable>);
Like in java you can add strings to variables causing them to be converted to a string representation. E.g.
outln("Player1 Points: " + points_player1);


What is the difference between the script handler and the main entity script?



There is no difference in function only in using them. The main entity script lets yout edit all handlers in one place. The script handlers are each in there own file.


Is there a c++ version of SigmaAT



No there isn't.


Is't SigmaAT slow because it's completely written in java?



No, the renderer per default uses the opengl4java binding for rendering so it's as fast as yout hardware is.


Is SigmaAT extendable?



Yes it is. There is a plugin API for modifying the rendering pipeline and the scripting language.


Which modeling tool supports SigmaAT  

There is an export plugin for 3dsMax 5.x.


What is this two types of scene files about?



The *.sig files are generated when exporting from 3dsMax. SigmaAT internally works with *.src files which are compressed and contain sattelite infomation like scripts and events.