These screenshots were taken from SigmaAT. They show the development process of the last 2 years. The topmost pictures are taken from the latest demontration project which is still in progress. You can send me your own screenshots of SigmaAT and of your projects if you want them to be placed here

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July 4. 2005

Ok Lads, even we get independend of something today. We get Rid of those ship textures and have some new...

May 22. 2005

The interface gains a unsability boost. Hotkeys and the main script editor are introduced.


March 21. 2005

The water color depends on the view angle.

The brand new PhysiX system in action (The cannon shoots).


March 5. 2005

Some new shaders are in the process of development.


November 16. 2004

The VisMath plugin package contains a MeshEditor a PoyLineEditor and a OFF Exporter


November 2004

icgfx shaders, a bath room and ilands (per fragment bump mapping / tarrain / water)


End of September 2004

Update Ship Model,
View from inside of ship



September 2004


September 2004

Scene positioning tools, a bumpmapped scene, a cool skin



August 2004

A first game, Full NVidia CgFX Support


June 2004

NVidia CG support (bump mapping and normal mapping), after effects (Night Vision), terrain texture shader, particle efftects.





Early screenshots 2003

Models, sphere mapping, editior