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nVidia released a brand new version of the cg library. What does this mean for sigma reality? nVidia rewrote the CgFX interface and claims that it's more bugfree than the previous version. On the other hand I have to rewrite the whole interface to the sigma renderer. Anyway it's a lot of work to do so see you at dusmania.




I don't have much time to care about sigma now. But we will be at Dusmania anyway. Some new screenshots have been made.



We start the preparations for Dusmania 7.0. The demo scene gets playable now.

The team is making huge progress developing the first demo game for the Sigma Authoring Toolkit. The graphics, the scripting and PhysiX system were improved breathtakingly.



Welcome to the Year 2005. A little late I suspect but I was busy during university semester. Now my only challenge it to pass this nasty "ordinary differential equations" class. So in a few weeks this website will be brought back to life again. My todo reads like this:

  1. Finish the translation of this website
  2. Complete the character system
  3. Improve the shader library
  4. Write more tutorials




A new release titled RC2 has been finished. It features new start scripts and the VisMath plugins for mathematical visualisation. The new start scripts include version check for your javaVM and working bash scripts for Linux.



Site update. Dear FireFox users, the site should be viewable now even for people not depending on Sicromoft DinWows Ninteret Pexlorer. FAQ has been updated too. Some of you are trying to try SigmaAT :-) Feel free to post bugs and suggestions. I will answer them as quickly as possible.



The getting started tutorial has been finished. Some src scene files are in the Models section now. You can use them to start with SigmaAT. I fixed a few minor bugs.



The beta 1.0 release is out and ready for beta testing. It features a completely new interface and an improved script language. I will write some tutorials on using SigmaScript in the future.



University starts off well again and I plan starting the beta test phase for SigmaAT as well. Announcements will be made at game developer forums.



This website is born. I will try to keep it up to date.


History of SigmaAT  
Summer 2004

The summer term holidays are shorter than ever (in my opinion). But SigmaAT improves steadily.


Winter 2003/2004

I do some experiments with other opengl bindings than gl4java like jogl or lwjgl which are theoretically supported by the abstract renderer.


Summer 2003

The main steps for SigmaScript are completed but the interface lacks intuitivity. The Plugin system is completed and not changed since then - is this a good thing?


Winter 2002/2003

I switch the whole project from C++ to Java. First implementation use an ascii based scene file format but it worked quite well for some time.


Summer 2002

I started playing with models and exporters in 3dsmax. The ASE file format gets my attention and I decided to write an model viewer for it. First attempts were implemented in C++ and QT.